We make Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications.

The need to meet the specific need of a specific client and the need to meet a perceived requirement of potential clients are some of the core goals of Software Development.

At Clearwox, Software Development sometimes involves going beyond what is required by the client in order for us to produce a standard world class solution. So as much as we want to satisfy our customer’s demand, we also want to develop software based on international best practices.

Mobile apps is the new go-to when it comes to ease of use and convenience, no wonder organizations are fast adding it to one of their front office IT applications.

Our goal is always to add value by developing both general purpose and custom software capable of enhancing your business processes for both small and large organizations.

A simple and straight-forward process.

A great system is one that is simple and easy to use. This simplicity should also extend to the development process.


Requirement Analysis

At this stage, understanding your requirement is key to providing you the best solution.


Planing & Design

We decide the direction of the implementation and the best tools to deliver a working system.


Development & Testing

We engage in the creation of a solution based on your requirements and ensure quality through testing.


Deployment & maintenance

We deploy your solution suing the best tools and provide continuous support and maintenance.

Latest Projects

Check out some of our recent works.