We create Business Solutions.

We will guarantee you, Cost Reduction, Convenience, Ease of use and Process Efficiency.

Quality products born out of genuine dedication to business growth.

World-class Support

Support is the most important part of a great solution because things always break and need fixing, we are always here to help.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing reflects our continuous commitment to making businesses better, and your easy access to it.

Regular Updates

We provide regular updates that are based on your continuous quest for improvement and our willingness to fulfil.

Continuous Research

We are hightly motivated and constantly looking for ways to make running business as easy as possible.

Growth in business is tied to the ability of an organization to welcome change and periodically review existing business processes. This will always be one of the core ingredients for growth.

At Clearwox, we don’t just build business solutions but we do bespoke solutions knowing well that no two organisations are exactly the same even though they deliver or produce similar products and services.

Over time we have gained a good reputation for consistently delivering results on critical and technically challenging projects along with our unique customer support service to our clients.

Our detailed product design process was created to ensure our projects are completed on-time, onbudget and to meet client’s satisfaction.

Product Showcase

StoreApp is good for Business

StoreApp is an easy-to-use business management software with a user-friendly interface and a simple design, built to meet business demands for improved sales and earnings.