Turric GPS Tracking System

An effective fleet management / asset tracking solution that will suit everyone - from private individuals to big and small, private and commercial organizations. Turric is a one-size-fits-all solution.

Real-time tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Without it companies often face issues mostly related to inefficient vehicle use, fuel thefts and general mismanagement of asset.

Our system is fully customizable, which provides specific solutions to address any business use case.

Product :Turric

Categories:Business Solution

Released :Nov 2018

Logistics & Long haulage

Track your fleet's fuel consumption, make vehicle inspections digital and follow the tachograph data remotely using our software and hardware.


Seeing your vehicles' location, setting geofences and having detailed reports will become quick and easy with our solutions.


See where your field workers are, follow the vehicles' fuel levels and contact drivers anytime using our mobile applications and other features.

Courier & Delivery

Route planning, real-time GPS tracking and other solutions to save you time, money and make your customers more satisfied.

Corporate fleets

Use vehicle booking, fleet efficiency and other solutions to ensure effective use of all your company vehicles.

Passenger transport

GPS tracking and driver behaviour are just some of the fleet management tools you can use to boost fleet performance and improve road safety.

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